New CD Chapter Release! Book 14, Chapter 30

Hey guys, here’s your first chapter of the day! Book 14, Chapter 30 – Inventory Checking has been released! Time to calculate the ‘phat l00t’! This chapter was sponsored by a group effort, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for our generous donors; GD of North Carolina, SK of Dubai, RH of Alabama, MC of Texas, Lanankuras, anonymous, FS of Turkey, VA of Brazil, VK of Finland and PK of Finland. Thanks so much, guys!

The name for Book 15 is now up on the index as well! Chapter 31 will be the final chapter in book 14, so get ready to head deeper into the Infernal Realm, now that the ‘introductory book’ to the Infernal Realm is completed! 🙂

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  1. thx for the chapter Ren 🙂 , FYI still shows teaser for me, I’m content to wait though. Not being part of the F5 clan has some benefits 😛

    Edit: Just read the comment above mine, and yep, the link skips to the teaser of chapter 31

      1. I’m on PC and the link still sends me to the teaser for chapter 31 not chapter 30. It’s also been over 30 minutes since I read chapter 30, so I don’t think it’s a supercache problem, just a misdirected link.

      1. Ooh, finally … i have been waiting for a while till ren get into book 15, since the raws gets hard to understand the next book

        Edit: oops, accidentally commented here lol

  2. No offense, because I really do think that you are getting fairly paid for this… But I started thinking about how much money you must’ve made from doing this… And considering that it’s 2 chapters a day @ 80$ a chapter… Daaaamn, that’s a nice amount of money haha. Anyway, thanks for the chapter Ren! And hopefully more donations to you!

  3. Ren,

    Thanks for the update!

    I remember a few months ago you had a post with other web translations that were done by other translators. May you please repost that?


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