New CD Chapter Release! Book 14, Chapter 18

Hey guys, here is your first chapter of the day!  As I announced on twitter (rwxwuxiaworld), I was out this morning watching Avengers 2, which is why this chapter came out later.  Anyhow, here you go; Book 14, Chapter 18 – Moon Lake is released!  Enjoy!  This chapter (and the next one) was sponsored by Imyvis, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in thanking him for this one and the next one!  Thanks, Imyvis!

Also, readers, just wanted to share a recent conversation I had a few minutes ago on Gchat:


RWX: Hey, you there? Got something I wanted to discuss with you.
GGP: ?
RWX: Actually, nvm. Brb, have to walk the dog.
GGP: sure
GGP: dammit
RWX: Ahahahahaha.


xD xD xD

See you guys in a few hours!  I’ll get started on the next chapter right away!

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    Btw, I was sure since long ago that ggp liked dogs, I was 100% sure, I knew it, I said it, I announced it!
    The question that remains is, does he also like eating dogs?

    1. In the last BTTH chapter, GGP forgot to take out some chat between editors/translators, and one of the two said “brb, have to walk the dog”.

    1. that´s what happened to the slow folks… check the comments in the last chapter since they have already edited the chapter

  2. Hope you enjoyed the movie! Also thanks for the chapter 🙂 and no worries about it being late. While I do enjoy getting chapters as early as possible, I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say we don’t mind waiting in order to let you have some fun! 😉 Also just curious, the last chapter, the Title…. If I had to guess, you are not happy with this translation of the title. It sounds to much like Google translate. Not that I mind 😀 , especially since I got no suggestions (I mean sure I thought of a couple like “Fusing profound mysteries makes Linley more of a boss” 😛 , but that just don’t cut it 😉 ). I was just curious if my understanding of your mind due to careful analysis of your comments and posts is accurate. (Hopefully that doesn’t sound too creepy 😛 )

    1. Actually, it’s just a clunky title, even in Chinese; 玄奥融合,实力大进, lit. ‘Mystery Profound Fuses, Power Big Increase’. It’s just a clunker of a title.

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