New CD Chapter Release! Book 14, Chapter 14

Hey guys, here is your first sponsored chapter of the day! Book 14, Chapter 14 – Fiend Castle has been released! If you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for the generous donors who sponsored it; LM, totalpotatoe, VG of Texas, VK of Finland, SS of Ohio and LJ of the Netherlands. Thank you all so much.

And…can it be?! Queue cleared in the middle of the day? Night off? Yaaaaaaaay! See ya xD Nevermind just checked my email X.X

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    1. one usually comes out around when you firs posted the question and then about 6-8 hrs later is the standard time for the next one to come out and sometimes Ren seems to suprise us with a third chapter.

  1. i just registered to say many thanks to you ren, i ve been leeching for some time and i had to say it so
    this the only novel that make me this addicted ( don t know how many times a day i refresh to know if there s a new chapter ! )

  2. there has been only one regular chapter this week so far anyway or am I stupid 😮 question might be annoying but I really dont get why u dont release the first two chapter each week as regular chapters

    1. I do 1-2 regular chapters each week, sometimes more (like the week I did four), never less. I like sticking regular chapters in places where there are ‘gaps’ between donations, to keep things at a steady rhythm; if there are no gaps, I usually stick them on the weekend 🙂

        1. Hi trill, what do you not understand? I want, if possible, there to be two chapters a day to keep a good rhythm. When I keep them in ‘reserve’, if say on Wednesday, nobody donates, I can then use ‘regular chapter(s)’ to fill in so people will have something to read on Wednesday.

          If the ‘reserve’ is not needed, then I do them on Saturday/Sunday.

          Does that make sense for you?

          1. Wait, so some people donated over 2k one day? Holy! I have never seen it over around 750 myself.

          2. I think it just turned into a mob mentality of “let’s see how high we can make it” T.T Scared the bejeezus out of me!

  3. Jesus Christ.. this is so addictive… after binge reading and catching up in abt 2 weeks… ( couldnt read all day )…. how do u ppl manage im dying… i refresh this darn page so much oh ma gosh lol.. thought i found solace in Desolate era.. bt then ….i finished tht in 2 and a half days… :(.. leauge cn only distract me for so long or some other stuff.. sigh..

  4. Wow I can finally log into my account after resetting my pw. Its been weeks since you moved the site, thanks donors and ren for the chapters I couldn’t log on to thank you for.

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