New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 5

Hey guys, sorry for the late release. I was super sleepy some reason, and fell asleep when I got home after work. Still super sleepy, but managed to get Book 12, Chapter 5 – The Apocalypse War of Ten Thousand Years Ago out for you guys! This is a nice, lore-filled chapter, so I hope y’all like it! If you do, please join me in thanking the donors who made it possible by sponsoring it for us; Warhead, GF of Louisiana, ioniX, ZO of Virginia, and MK of California. Thank you guys so much!

For some reason, I am still seriously super sleepy today. I’ll try my best to hammer out Chapter 6 before falling asleep again, but it’s possible that I might not make it, in which case I promise I’ll let you guys know. Not sure why; maybe I have a small cold? Zzz. Anyhow, grabbing some food and translating!

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  1. You shoud take a rest. Your health is far more important than a meager one chapter.

    *mumble* it will be bad if you get sick and can’t translate for a whole day *mumble*

  2. Oh Dear God, we’ve broken Ren!!! Nooooo the world will collapse!!!……. Whew ok got that outta my system. Hope you feel better soon mate. Also thanks for your hard work and the chapter =).

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