New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 18

Evening guys!  Here is your second sponsored chapter of the day: Book 12, Chapter 18 – Guidance.  Enjoy the read!  If you do, please consider joining me in a round of applause for the awesome donors who supported this chapter; bip, ZO of Virginia, totalpotatoe, and AM of New Hampshire.  Thank you all so much!

FYI, I will probably be posting another chapter later today (I caught up and translated ahead), BUT, to those of you who are in different time zones, I strongly recommend against staying up late for it; it’s honestly not worth it, IMHO.   Plus, if I were to fall asleep, that would really suck for you guys, right?

Anyhow, time for dinner.  See y’all in a bit!  xD


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  1. Although you are right Ren about staying up late not being worth it I can´t do anything about it, currently it’s 2 am where I’m at… Damn you insomnia! But anyways much thanks for the effort and time you put in to bring the stories to us!!!

  2. O My God. Guys today is April 1’st. Everybody stay up as long as possible! Ren seems to be planning something crazy! ;O Why else would he tell us to go to sleep? ~~ 😛 And say that it’s not worth it? It’s not like Ren at all! 😀

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