New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 12

Mornin’, guys! Here’s your first chapter of the day. Book 12, Chapter 12 – New Variables. Enjoy the read! This is a regular chapter, and as such it will NOT count against the queue. The next chapter will also be a regular chapter and also will not count against the queue! Enjoy the read!

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5 thoughts on “New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 12” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Ren just a heads up, when I was looking at the next chapter preview one of the ads tried to auto download a file onto my pc. Also I’ve been getting tracker cookies warnings from your site when I try to read often. I really want to keep my ad block off on the site, at this point my computer security is becoming risked.

    1. First all, welcome to the community, ricola29! Yes, it appears one of the ads isn’t coded properly and instead of loading in the browser, is sometimes downloading itself instead. You know what, I’m just going to go ahead and drop that entire ad service. See if it gets better!

      The cookies should be for Google Analytics, which is installed on this site; it’s how I pull all the data in my monthly post about how many people came to visit, etc. etc. It isn’t dangerous 🙂

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