New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 1!

Hey guys, as promised, here is the early chapter! Book 12, Chapter 1 – Coming Home, the start of a new book! If you like this chapter, please consider joining me in thankig our generous donors who sponsored this chapter: JI of Delaware, JM of Illinois, MK of California, and greekyle. Thank you all so much!

Okay, happy reading gang!

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      1. Ren I’m gettin a huge problem with an AD.On my Iphone when I access to any page it redirects me to a from could you help me?

        1. Hi Ducosfly, welcome to the community! This is something we’ve seen a few times; it’s usually a user-end virus on your phone. See the FAQ:

          Q4: I am on mobile, and one particular ad is causing me major problems, in that it is giving me constant pop-ups and redirecting me constantly to the Android Store!
          A4: As best as I can tell, this isn’t an advertising problem, this is a problem with having a virus in your browser. The solution that has worked for many problem is clearing their browser cache for Android Chrome. Go to Chrome Menu, then settings, then (Advanced) Privacy, then ‘Clear browsing data’, then clear everything.

    1. Hi Stradivarius, you can expect three. I ‘lost’ a few hours yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that new hours will magically appear out of nowhere today ;). Still have to work, eat, and sleep.

      1. I find myself being so greedy for chapters, but then I realise there is a human doing this, the the anger subsides and the pain in my finger begins from mashing refresh. THANKS FOR CHAPTER.

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