New CD Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 36

Evenin’ guys! Okay, it’s been a cliff-hanger-y few days, but I think this one will make it all better for ya! Book 11, Chapter 36 – One Against a Million has been released! Get it while it’s fresh! If you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in saying thank you to our two generous donors who sponsored this incredibly awesome chapter; LN of Poland and SD of Ohio. Thanks so much, guys!

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  1. Awesome chapter 🙂

    BTW; was this the last chapter today? You didn’t state anything about how many chapters you were doing for the last two, so just curious, and wonder if I should go to bed yet or not ^^.

      1. And with that simple comment sleep is delayed so easily. Thanks for such wonderful chapters. Also kudos for your translating speed and reliability, to have done so much in just over three months is truly impressive.

      2. Great 🙂

        It’s really helpful when you post stuff like “this is the first of (probably) n chapters for today” btw.

        Also, I’m (slowly) working on the website. I sort of accidentally discovered the legendary moonlight sculptor, and I’m currently at the 13th book, so time for programming has been cut rather short xD. Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Just created an account to thank Ren for the awesome work. Thank you “orz” (kneeling)

    I remember someone posted that this was like crack and i have to wholeheartedly agree with him. 🙂
    Due to this reason i am starting to learn to make my own crack (learning Chinese). I am starting to learn a bit of grammar and characters but want to start with one of the many IET novels and just start learning/reading from the beginning.

    So i want to ask the people who have read some of the IET novels in Chinese which novel would be a easier start to learn from? I was thinking Desolate Era, any suggestions/tips?

    A Big Fan

    1. Welcome to the community, Tseblade! Glad to have you here! Yes, IET novels are definitely easier to read. Try Stellar Transformations, perhaps? I haven’t read Desolate Era so I can’t say.

        1. Yes, and more importantly, ST doesn’t have names that drive you crazy (seriously). When I started translating CD, one of the things that he-man (the translator for ST) said to me was, and I quote, “I find it much less taxing to read an English translation of this novel than to read the original. Those sinicized Western names give me a headache.”

          1. Thanks a lot Ren.

            Sorry for the delayed reply, was lost in thought for hours after your chapter 36 and 37 🙂

  3. Question: is it really Profound Truths of Velocity (速度)?

    From my understanding, velocity refers to “speed with direction” whereas the concepts of “fast and slow” are directionless by themselves. Same as “Speed of Light” is simply stated as “光速”… Just wondering.

    1. Problem is, you can’t exactly call it “Profound Truths of Speed” (which is, well, speed without a direction). Also, not everyone reading are physics majors, so I doubt most people will care ^^.

      The problem with calling it “speed”, is that a physics major might think of “how fast something is going”, whereas most people think of the word more as implying something is “fast”. So it would not distinguish itself from the “fast aspect” of the wind (imho).

      Also, who said anything about direction not being part of the profound truths? 😛

      1. Aleksander, you nailed it! That is the exact reason why I decided to go with ‘Profound Truths of Velocity’ instead of ‘Speed’, speed sounds too similar to ‘fast’ to the layman.

        And yes, in Chinese, the term was 速度奥义, Profound Truths of Speed/Velocity.

          1. well technically motion will include all types of movement including vibrations so if eventually linley combines his wind path with earth path (HIghgod lvl?) then it can be truth of motion

          2. That’d be totally different; motion is ‘动力’. 速度 is specifically either speed or velocity.

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