New CD Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 34

Hi guys, here’s your third and final chapter of the day!  I was originally planning to make this a sponsored chapter and tomorrow the ‘regular’ chapter, but because my hands are getting tired again, I think I’m going to give myself a bit of a break and make this the ‘regular’ chapter, so I don’t have any obligations tomorrow.  Book 11, Chapter 34 – Death?  Has been released!

For newer readers, this website started on December 22nd, and every day, I release chapters, except for the monthly anniversary.  As tomorrow will be that anniversary day, I will be taking it off and doing a post with the ‘monthly stat roundups’.  I will also be finishing up one chapter of Skyfire Lane, and, if my hand feels up to it, I’ll try to do ONE chapter tomorrow of Coiling Dragon (seriously, no promises though).

Anyhow, good night, guys!  Enjoy the read!

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  1. It’s beyond impressive that in 3 months you have translated so many chapters… compared to other L.N, it feels like it takes 3 months for one chapter!

    1. Yea, I have to give ren mad props, his translation speed is faster then popular light novels on release. 3 chapters a day w/ the donations has really spoiled us.

      So thanks again ren and never let anyone get you down! You’re doing amazing!

  2. damm, thx to the next chapters summary, imma having doupts if i can sleep in peace. Now that i know that there won’t be any chapters tomorrow that will explain what will happen next…

  3. you deserve rest but did it have to be on that chapter. Would have preferred 2 chapters today and this chapter be the 1st after your break. You sir are an evil man and I love it.

  4. Seriously though ren you deserve a break more then one day I can live without a chapter for a week or 2 if you want to rest your fingers and come back fresh I know this post will probably draw ire from some of the other addicts on here and its not my place to give advice but I would rather you not kill your fingers, and sacrifice so much of your time for us. Thank you for doing this and bringing IET to english readers.

    1. he can’t translate if he is dead. So yeah he should take time off. Also because translating all the time must be boring and there are all those fanfictions to read.

      1. I don’t think many of us would really mind that either. I mean, the man has been so active for us, even if we wanted to be addicted, we can only say he has deserved a giant break.

        It wouldn’t stop me from checking the website tons of times while I would know there wouldn’t be a chapter coming for that slight off chance though.

  5. I think we all agree that the health of your wrists are more important than another chapter . . . especially since health will mean more consistent regular releases

    1 less chapter tomorrow will mean avoiding 100 less chapters in the future

  6. You know, one advantage of having such a big time difference is that it means you won’t have a day without a chapter of CD if ren takes a day off.
    Once again, thank you for the chapter Ren, you’re doing amazing work.

  7. Just wtf, I’m not surprised your hands hurt at this rate of translation most groups take 1 month to get like 4 chapters out and you do 3 a day o.o. Very well done Ren and thanks for bringing this novel to English, it’s so good!

  8. Hello Ren what do you think i should do to improve my chinese? I’m Singaporean and chinese and my mother tongue is chinese so i’ve studied chinese up to Secondary school. What can i do to advance my chinese further to be able to read chinese novels? Need your advice thanks.

    1. Welcome to the community, dariell7! The most important thing to any language is to use it, constantly and repeatedly, over a long period of time. We’ve discussed this on the forums before, actually 🙂

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