New CD Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 30

Hey guys, sorry for the late Friday release! I realized that the ‘subscribe’ button at the top of the page had broken with the latest jetpack update. I ‘fixed’ it and got it to work, but it still looks like crap. Any CSS experts know how I should fix it? I’m so not cut out to be a website host T.T

Anyhow, Book 11, Chapter 30 has been released! Hiding the title for now since it’s a spoiler that everyone’s been waiting for. Enjoy the read, and if you do, please consider joining me in thanking our generous donors who sponsored this chapter; JC of Arizona and DimDam. Thanks so much, guys!

Okay, back to translating. Oh, and keep those glossary submissions coming, potential custodians!

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  1. Going to look at the subscribe thing but also the read chapter buttons are still brown on the dark theme. Then should become lighter with dark text.


    1. The button’s fine, it’s the ‘drop down’ menu that is part of Jetpack that is causing the problems >< The background color isn't right, and half of it disappears.

      1. Hey… Been kinda lazy lately… Sorry. Fixed the subscription area.

        PS. I very much hate that wp super cache, it doesnt actually even delete the cache even if you press “delete cache”, you actually need first press “List all cached files” before you can delete them.

        1. Hey chief, great to see you! I figured you were busy and didn’t want to bug you, because you’ve already done so much. Thanks so much for the fix!

          Sorry about Super Cache sucking for you though xD

  2. If I could see some of the code I could fix some things. Honestly speaking a lot of those types of issues are easier to solve if you actually have access to the code. So to get any of the fixes I would advise finding someone who you can trust and give them access to the wordpress part of the website and let them handle the css and wordpress stuff. It saves you time and it makes it easier for them to fix any problems that arise.

    Another option is to make a duplicate site for testing purposes via wordpress (it can be free or under a subdomain) which the fixer will have access to and when they are done you just copy the fixed part over and you are done.

    All in all you should look for someone who can:
    1. Understand css and html
    2. Use and operate wordpress and understands where the code is and how to fix it.
    3. Someone you can trust is a plus because then the duplicate site may not be necessary.
    4. Dedication (you don’t want someone who will sit there for 5 days before they even start addressing problems do you?)

    Well if you decide to use my idea consider me a candidate I can’t donate because I’m a poor university student but that does not mean I can’t try to help out in other ways.

    Also If you want me to take a crack at the current code send me the respective part in the html and css and I’ll see what I an do to fix it. The email I use for that kind of thing is Yascob09(at) .

    I think I’ve said enough good luck with fixing the problem.

    1. Btw the reason I said seeing the code would help is because wordpress makes use of php which runs on the the server side. Basically what that means is what is in the php file is not necessarily visible on the the client-side(web-browsers) so without the full picture it’s hard to see anything. You can find a lot of the site’s code in the Admin panel under Themes and then Editor. For plugins like Jetpack it will be under Plugins and then Editor.

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