New CD Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 25

Hi guys, here’s your third and final sponsored chapter of the day! Book 11, Chapter 25 – Entering the Eighth Floor has been released! As with the previous chapter, this chapter was brought to you courtesy of our generous donor RGN of Sweden, so once again, please consider joining me in a round of applause for RGN! Thanks, RGN!

Readers, a quick note; is anyone interested in becoming the ‘Custodian of the Glossary‘ for Coiling Dragon? I’m finding that I’m starting to lag behind in updating it, and if someone is interested, I’d like to recruit someone to help me keep it updated (and I would give them edit permission for the glossary). The basic requirements are, someone who has been here a while, and someone who knows what to put in and what not (for example, ‘Rutherford – One of the Five Prime Saints who lives in the Arctic Icecaps. Trains in the Elemental Laws of Water, focused on the ice-style in particular. Was killed by Queen Mother Lachapalle on the seventh floor of the Necropolis of the Gods.’) Any takers?


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  1. I wouldn’t mind helping out, but I don’t think I’ll be able to help out fully until this weekend..
    (If someone else seems like a better fit for the job I won’t get hurt feelings 😉 :D)
    Example of a Glossary entry I would make

    Queen Mother Lachapalle: Plant type peak saint level creature. training in Elemental Laws of Water and Wind. Mother type plant, with many “child” types”.

    Pearl of Life: A type of spiritual pearl treasure which allows a body return to normal after taking damage as long as the soul is not damaged., becomes useless after one becomes deity level.

    (I might come back and edit these in the morning, super sleepy at the moment).

    1. Ren’s pretty active in the comments, so I’m assuming he would be able to tell who’s been here a while, but then the problem becomes what about lurkers?

      Also just put a example in your application for “someone who knows what to put in and what not” Solves that problem :).

  2. Well I might go overboard and do what you DON’T want on the glossary (I like adding extra stuff) So I’m going to have to respectfully pass.

    On another note Thanks Ren and RGN of Sweden! (whomever you might be)

  3. Hum, didn’t know Rutherford trained in the water or which element for that matter.

    btw ren, i’m seeing a big gap between the header and the page itself were I can see only the background.

    Suggestion: Why make ‘Custodian of the Glossary‘ the task of one person?
    You can do it as a google format
    This way, readers make their own additions, highlight the changes. You approve, remove highlight, and add the changes to the real glossary.

    BTW, I added Pearl of Life; Beholder King, and Queen Mother, Lachapelle as a sample for you.

    1. Hm, nice idea with the Google format, but i can see problems when people edit other entries that they dont agree with and so on^^.

      Perhaps you should post without the info about first appearance in which Book, Chapter…, but that could be just my personal opinion.

      1. I thought so too, but I’m hoping the fact the google is only for approval, of which Ren will copy and paste to this side, so people won’t edit.

        I kinda prefer the Book and Chapter, as sometimes, I want more info and I don’t remember which chapter to go digging around.

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