New CD Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 19

Hi guys, I’m baaack! Here’s your third and final sponsored release of the day; Book 11, Chapter 19 – Three Divine Artifacts. Enjoy the read! This chapter was sponsored by one of our most recurring donors, Simulacra, so if you liked the chapter, please consider joining me in a big thank you to Simulacra. Thanks, Simulacra!

That’s all for today! I’ll have more for ya tomorrow, and/or get started on the new book if the queue dries up *fingers crossed*. Anyhow, g’night, guys! While you guys read, please let me remind that we are an ad-supported website, and the server fees are supported by our ads, which don’t show up if the ads are blocked, so please consider supporting us by making sure your Adblocking software is off. Thanks! 🙂

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