New CD Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 13

Hi guys, here ya go, your third and final sponsored chapter for Saturday! Book 11, Chapter 13: True Awakening! The Impending Calamity! Has been released. Enjoy the read, guys! If you do, please consider joining me in voicing a few words of thanks to the generous donors who sponsored this chapter: JB of Singapore, JG of France, AD of Denmark, TE of New Zealand, sedrgy, PM of New Jersey and OnlineSeoStore. Thank all of you so much for your support!

Okay guys, like I said, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep doing the four chapter weekends, aside from special cases, simply because my hand is starting to cramp a bit these days; that’s what 3/day for three months will do to a man, I guess xD. Sorry!

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    1. That’s not a bad idea actually. I have an app for that (that I wrote) for android phones, so you can speak to your phone, and your computer types what you speak. If you’re interested @RWX, I can provide it to you for free :).

      Also, a word of warning, my friend had a internship where his hands started hurting writing on the keyboard, and he ignored it and kept working. Now, he’s gone a full year with almost no use in his hands. He can’t write with a keyboard or a pen, and he can’t lift things that weighs more than a kilo or so. And this is after a year of recovery, so do be careful.

      1. Gah, stop scaring me >.< Welcome to the community, Aleksander! The issue with these is that there are way too many names/terms that wouldn't work properly (because these words like Linley, Bebe, Godeater, etc. don't exist) which would make using it a hassle and require constant editing; I've tried before. Thanks for the offer though!

  1. the pic in the background where is it from its a nice pic? also thanks for the translations i am actually waiting for all of tomato’s books to be translated i am waiting on 3 atm and i ran out of books to read so can someone rec some to me in the mean time?

  2. Careful of carpal tunnel dude.

    Do some exercise using your hand every hour.
    like tighten and loosing your hand for 2 minute.
    (it will use the cramping muscle. if it hurt, then your hand might have problem. )

    I really hope there is no problem to your magical hand Ren. ahahaha.

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