New CD Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 11

Good morning guys! Are you awake yet? I am! I have your first sponsored release of the day ready for y’all; Book 11, Chapter 11 – Plant Lifeforms has been released! Enjoy your Saturday morning read! If you like this chapter, then please consider joining me in thanking our generous donors who sponsored the chapter for us: MCL of Malaysia, khoukarev, HB of Indiana, and TL of Germany. Thank you so much!

I’m not sure if I can do four this weekend, since my hand really has been getting kinda tired lately, but I’ll do my best, and I’ll definitely keep doing the three. Cheers!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Im pretty new to the site, baka tusaki got me here. Ground out the first books in about 3 days. Now im hanging on the edge ^~^

  2. I seriously can’t wait to see how this situation turns out and unfolds to help the growth of Linley. Ren you are the almighty!!! Thank you for the hard work everyday and night.

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