New CD Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 48

Hi guys! Off work yet? Welcome to your second sponsored chapter of the day, and as luck would have it…the final chapter of Book 10! We did it! We made it all the way past Book 10, hurraaaaah! But (imo) the story only gets better from here. That, however, is for the future. Book 10, Chapter 48 – Beirut. If you enjoy this chapter, please consider joining me in thanking AD of Denmark, who so generously sponsored this chapter, the last chapter in Book 10. Thank you so much, AD!

Okay gang, I’m back to work after dinner. As always, after reading, readers new and old, let me remind as always that we are an ad-supported website, and the server fees are supported by our ads, which don’t show up if the ads are blocked, so please consider supporting us by making sure your Adblocking software is off. Thanks! 🙂

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    1. If something is static, people’s eyes automatically glaze over it xD. That’s why I put it in every post instead, because the top part changes, so the brain processes it differently. Sorry if it is annoying xD

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