New CD Chapter Release AND New ST Chapter Release!

Hey guys, internet is up! Book 11, Chapter 38 – Desiring a Divine Spark? of Coiling Dragon has been released! If you like it, please consider joining me in thanking our generous sponsors for it: greekyle, DV of Illinois, GF of Louisiana, JFK of Ireland, NR of Alberta, and JCSL of Mexico. Thank you so much for donating, guys!

Also, Aequitas very silently and slyly uploaded Book 11, Chapter 32 – Auctioning the Heaven-Sundering Diagram of Stellar Transformations without making an announcement post, so permit me to make it for him!

13 thoughts on “New CD Chapter Release AND New ST Chapter Release!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Have you noticed that once you click “next chapter” on the latest chapter of Stellar Transformations, you go to the numerically next chapter of CD?

    For example from ST 32 -> CD 33

  2. This site is pretty far ahead in ST translations – you guys can use it as reference or something if you ask that guy most likely, also for all the impatient readers 😉

    1. hahaha, so u haven´t heard about the legendary battle between the two sides.. well mostly spcnet got butthurt cause Rylain didn’t say anything bad

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