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  1. I want to know why everyone loves that arc too! Not that there was anything wrong with that arc.

    Speculation: MW was moved from Gravity to WW during that arc, so it suddenly got exposed to a bigger audience then?

  2. Well, 3 reasons I can think of at the top of my head for why Demon Continent was so popular was,

    1. Lin Ming’s family/friends/loved ones weren’t being threatened. No threats of his girls being raped.
    2. Lin Ming was actually an expert during the arc (while not the strongest, he was considered pretty strong and not just by the standards of the younger generation).
    3. While he was underestimated, he wasn’t over looked down upon for status reasons or sh*t like that.

    Now, while I don’t think these were the only reasons, I do believe they were part of the reasons for many.

    1. Also, Lin Ming didn’t face too many injustices during that arc due to not having a good background… unlike all the other arcs where people tried to bully him cause he came from a weak place.

      1. In a sense, what probably also mattered was that everything was more or less fresh and not so predictable. You see a lot of things return in xianxia. If the mc enters a sect, enters a new area, adventurers, etc. you probably know how it’ll go. Just like the current arc. We knew lin ming would have to fight the four kingdoms and that his family would have to flee. It was just a matter of when, how and who. The demon arc had none of that. Generally at least.

        1. It was still technically the same sh*t.. but without the same stakes. He just worried about himself and didn’t have to care for his friends and family for everything​.

      2. Something I find very interesting in the holy demon continent arc is how the author used the Laws. It was the first and only arc until now that had a really and nice way of approaching the laws, also when LM finally got a better clue to how use the concept of space. We could even see concept of annihilation and others hehe.

        It is only a shame that we will never meet the Eightfall War Emperor, was really curious about the guy 🙁

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