5 thoughts on “MW Chapter 794” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. PLEASE HELP!! I need a little info here…but NOT SPOILERS!!…please…….sooo i havent caught up quite yet with the current chapter as im back on 762 at the moment but I keep hearing familiar terms like EvilGod (ATG) or the similarities with the elements that yun che has (minus the time/space/wind aspect) but yes you get the picture. they even have the term Grandmist when referring to the forming of things the the primal chaos or whatever (CD/ST) soooooo are the all in the same “universe” and if so chronologically where is MW??? please!!! this has been drivin me nuts.

    1. No they are not in the same universe plus they have different authors. Even in some Japanese manga I’ve read about an Evil God and they’re not the same. They just have the same names/nicknames.

      And for the Grandmist, I think it is from an Ancient Chinese story telling how the world was created. Not really sure about that tho

      1. ohhh….sorry didnt really do enough homework before asking….thanks a lot for the info, now I can read in peace without the worries of spoiling haha.thanks again!

  2. But, True martial world and Martial World are related to each other just so you know. With Martial world being more of a prequel if it is not already considered one?

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