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  1. It really bothers me how I’m completely clueless about the release time. I live in the uk which is 5 hours ahead then the time zone wuxiaworld uses. I usually envisioned that it will only take 24 hour. As this is what has been predictable with only slight fluctuations but as I’m in the uk it pretty much means maybe after midnight or may be not. I gotta get up early and that doesn’t effect you, Wuxiaworld, or other readers but it is effecting my consumer satisfaction whether I check up on updates countinue reading a series, drop it and just forget about it.
    I’m aware if it’s any smother on patron but that this doesn’t even give me the slightest it would be call if i got notification saying I can’t post on time double or quadruple release tomorrow.
    I’ve started keeping a memo pad, then swithed to phone memos to bookmark where I am on 9 currently running show so it wont be forgot and i kind binge it later. But some novels its just impossible to this. Wuxiaworld i might just have to bocott it because i really need to treat my time more preciously.

    1. How about a thank you for your dedication and exceptional work? I didn’t know it was possible to complain about amazing world class translations offered at a low cost of absolutely nothing. Someone has a weak dao heart and needs to practice some patience.

      Anyway, Thanks Hyorinmaru! Your true fans don’t mind the wait because we know how hard you guys work on these. Best wishes from America.

      1. This comment isn’t directed at anyone specific. My opinion doesn’t matter as an individual(especially if it’s deciding hyorinmaru schedule). I’d love for more ways to show my appreciation and support to the translators and the creator as it is worth the wait.( hjc- i put it on haitus for later but now it’s actually on haitus) deep one of my new favourite novels since my discovery of it.
        I’d just like for the service at wuxia (it’s the same at every novel site) to step game up. With Qidian partaking in the same service I don’t want wuxia and there content to be put on hold or shut down.
        With regards to joining there patron. I struggle enough myself unless I could somehow cosmically feel my novelist needs support I’d rather let those who can do. As it wouldn’t be feasible for me to support all the novelists i follow.
        I can’t really comment to well though on patron as I haven’t used it befor so don’t have a grasp on the cost.
        HOWEVER, Qidian has started this thing with spirit stones now if the company sorted a deal out with the novelists. They could make a currency for spirit stones(14 stones £3). Which could then theoretically allow to get an early release of your chapter paid in spirt stoned early chapter, 5 stones. This could be more effective for translators to get more support which could targeted at those who can’t support every translator or don’t like contracts but would definitely squish out a tiney bit more money to resolve the ending cliff hangers.
        P.s MscEASP kinda feel shitie after that previous comment as it was my first ever and I realised I still hadn’t confirmed my email address so I’ve been missing out on notifications. Could of made life better drifting asleep waiting for a notification.

    2. I agree with F5 sect. I live in the UK as well. The release time for Martial world really messes with my sleep cycle some nights. I always end up staying awake thinking it will come out soon and i can sleep after reading it.

      1. ugh I kind of want to puke at your complaints. those are some real luxurious complaints you have.
        sounds like “I have a billion dollars and I don’t know what to spend it on ugggh the stress! I’m losing sleep over this!”
        seriously read it the next fcking day. I only sometimes read chapters of novels I like the moment they come out, I honestly did not think it was actually possible for someone to complain about something so stupid. Its one thing if you are paying for a service or product and you didn’t receive on time its another thing if its free or through donations of others.
        Kind of over humanity at the moment.

  2. Dafuq are they even complaining about ? You read for pleasure … They dont pay you to read it on time of release… Talk about stupid concepts…

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