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    1. He even changed the notes under the goal on the patreon to say something like please don’t complete this goal, I’m tired. lol poor guy.

      1. lol I feel really bad for him rn. I feel like even if it reaches 1000 people, I think it’s better if he waits a week to recover and posts as usual for now until he does that mass release. It makes more sense for him to be in full condition so he can release as much as possible and enjoy doing it while he does it, than to do it now. That’d be worse for everyone lol.

  1. is it a lot of work to release a bunch of chapters? I thought there were many already translated and available on the patron site, ready to be uploaded. the 1000 goal was why I joined the patron.

    1. It’s a lot of work. Think about it. For the people that have fully enabled patreon accounts, every time he takes a chapter from the stock for the normal readers, he then he has to add another one to the patreon bank so that people who are paying to read ahead can access those chapters.

      On top of that, he has to edit/proofread all of the patreon chapters since they are unedited, so it isn’t like he can just post them. All in all, it’s a lot of hard work. Translating chapters professionally takes hours and hours even as an expert.

      There’s nothing with joining though. I hope that our translator takes time to rest before doing the mass release… 🙁

    2. gotta remember that the tiered patrons get so many advanced chapters as their reward. if he just mass releases what he has in stock with nothing to replace them, then the tiered patrons will no longer have their reward which is what they became one for. so he has to be able to translate a bunch of chapters to keep advanced copies for his patrons.

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