Minor TDG Announcement, tada!

As you guys have know by now, my appeal wasn’t successful and I have to go serve the army first since it’s mandatory army service over here for all males. This is not the end of my study life, I can always get into college after the two years of serving the nation. My original plan was to delay it for another 3 years with my college so that I could have enough time to finish at least TDG as well as my next project (another novel) before going into the army xD But well, it didn’t turn out well so I have to serve the army first.

On the other hand, I’m posted to the Police and among all the various others section that I could have been posted to, I’ve also heard that police is one of the most easiest one around which is a yay for me xD!

I wasn’t really upset about the results to be honest, I was actually quite positive and excited about it lol! Honestly speaking, because of having my heart prepared for it, I think I might actually be quite disappointed if I have to defer the army for another 3 years if the college accepted me lol (tat twist!) Let’s hope that I could turn from fat panda to muscular panda during my training xD

Although there might be some changes to TDG, not much will be changed so you guys don’t have to worry much xD

Like I’ve announced in Chapter 301, from today on, there will only be 6 chapters a week for TDG. There will be no chapters on sunday!
Releases would be more on time as they will be scheduled to the system so the release timing would be standardized and I bet many people would be happy over it since I’ve been having irregular release timing this month xD

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  1. Thank you for your dedication towards translating, it is highly appreciated. Be sure to not overwork yourself translating those chapters though: if you’re on the streets and not in an office, it’d be bad if you become sleepy when action time kicks in. You don’t have a temporal demon book on yourself, nor a heavenly fate soul saved up somewhere, so we’ll gladly miss a few chapters if that means you’re safer and able to keep releasing more on the long run 🙂

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