Minor Server Problems

Hey guys, as you may have noticed, we’ve had some minor server problems lately.  In short, due to a combination of factors, the current setup isn’t working as well as it should be, and the number of pages has outstripped what the caching software we are currently using can handle properly, so over the next few days, we’ll be switching to a multi-server round robin configuration.  This is a fairly major backend change which may result in occasional downtime over the next few days, but it’s a necessary part of dealing with a very large and still growing site.  Thanks for your patience!

59 thoughts on “Minor Server Problems” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for all the hard work XD

    If you remove all the comments and comment sections from the older chapter pages, and the older chapter posts (not the chapters themselves) would it help the server?

      1. Honestly, I think most of us would be okay with that. This is the only part of the internet that still cares about “First”, and I want to believe that most of the people around here view its mostly a joke they participate in.

        Plus maybe then I can read the comments actually discussing the chapters. Or better yet, Lets make it so only The Wandering Dragon has Posting Privileges.

    1. I myself enjoy reading the comment reactions to the chapters and would like to have them there for when I decide to read another great novel. I also think it would be way more work to remove the comments from old chapters compared to what would be saved in the end.

      1. But if it could clear up space and make pages load faster, it’d be worth it.

        Removing old posts and comments would make things seem clearer…. sure, old comments are nice to read and all… but the story is the main reason for this site.

        That said, I kinda hope that people will make Epubs of these stories for us to keep… maybe a wuxiaworld epub team 😛

  2. I don’t know much about website maintenance, but I’m certain that if I did, I would be appalled by the fact that this thing is still running. Keep up the good work!

    1. nein.. then.. then, wouldn’t that like delete my youth.. the days i were young and still crashing the servers with my old firsts.. haha..

  3. Yeah I know right… I was in the middle of reading an exiciting battle scene when suddenly the serve crashed… After I tried a lot of times, it then told me that the serveris under maintenance… I just got back tho… Hahaha man hope it’s fine now. 😀

    1. Because noone wants to dig through thousands of posts to find that one chapter. Facebook isn’t exactly something you’d want to use as a substitute for a personal website

  4. I’ve always wondered why INSANE hated caching, it sounds like a way to speed up loading process to me, and now I understand that the poor cache can’t keep up with the huge database. Good Luck and Thanks, Guys !

    1. I don’t hate caches, I only hate wp-super-cache. It’s a long story. xD

      If I don’t mess things up, varnish and a few extra servers should give us enough room to spare muhahahahah.

  5. Just don’t forget the site’s ip when setting it up with the other things (uses digital ocean,forgetting to change the ip as he smashed and/or created new ‘droplets’ or servers…. Didn’t work out so well)

  6. I’m no techy but as I understand it it means a minor inconvenience that will possibly not affect me, or anyone else, for smooth binge reading sessions in the future?
    That’s not Christmas but all the same : thank you!
    Unless I’m wrong and it means shitty page loading, in which case : not thank you.

  7. if you’re talking about cloudflare, i know folks who’ve had bad experiences with them. websites get slower, and yours did too. i never experienced any noteworthy problems loading pages here until cloudflare gave me that first gateway time-out a while ago. and when i saw it, i knew it was time to start applying a lot of patience…

    i haven’t commented on it before though, as it’s your choice as owner, how you solve the different challenges of running a website. i do after all realize that there are more things to consider than just the readers’ loading speed.

  8. I don’t know if it’s due to the server issues or not but I’ve been getting major pop up links taking over every time I try to read a new chapter today

  9. 37 thoughts on the minor problem, hmmmmm you all seem very sceptical about this. Thanks for the info, keep up the good work 🙂 i know you can do it Ren

    btw guys stop commenting or else after 4 min i wont be able to keep count

  10. Hm….am I the only one that didn’t notice the server problems?
    I do visit the website multiply times a day and still didn’t see any problem (I may not have enough time to comment but I do visit daily)
    Well I did see cloudflare gate-way, so I’ve understood that the server was under a load…but it didn’t slow my surfing in WW :/

    Thanks for your hard word, Ren and admins! 😉

  11. Hopefully, Ren would get insights into the Dao of Maintenance and the Profound Mysteries of Servers.

    This is the result of a very inadequate foundation. Hoping we don’t need reincarnation to fix it.

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