MGA Translator Out Sick

Hey guys, just doing a quick PSA to let you know that Yang Wen-li and his entire family is out sick the past few days. The kids caught something that spread to the whole family! Release schedule will be a bit off/slow the next few days as he’s slowly recuperating, but we hope to be back up to speed soon. Thanks for being fans and send some positive energy his way!

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    1. OMG you made me laugh so hard! you probably dont know this but chin-chin in japanese = penis… so you basically calling him a penis in japanese xDDDDDD

        1. Actually, that’s just chinchin, or 「ちんちん」. “o-” or 「お」 is a japanese honorific prefix that indicates politeness or respect used in keigo (「敬語」), or respectful speech, most commonly in the sonkeigo (「尊敬語」) sub-classification that is primarily used when talking about superiors and customers. Thus, “ochinchin” or 「おちんちん」 is more like something you’d hear from a wife/prostitute lewdly talking to her husband’s/customer’s crotch.

          (Psst. Helps when you know what you’re talking about before you disparage others).

          1. Thanks for Aclaration, Sir.
            Actually i wasn’t trying to disparage him.
            Look at my comment, feel my dark humor and you will notice that i’m trying to “correct” him while saying that he is a “weaboo” when i’m a weaboo too for correct him with the honorific.
            AKA: A pretty dank joke

            > Thus, “ochinchin” or 「おちんちん」 is more like
            >>> something you’d hear from a wife/prostitute lewdly
            >>>>>>>talking to her husband’s/customer’s crotch.


  1. Get well soon, etc, etc
    With that aside, Im a bit curious. Yang Wen-li posted an update on patreon 2 days ago and kept wuxiaworld in the dark until today when Ren posts about it. Ren yesterday wasnt supporting Yang Wen-li on patreon and today he is and he today posts about the situation of Yang Wen-li, so even Ren the owner of wuxiaworld had to become patreon to know about the status of the translator ? Sorry if Im wrong but I had to ask

    1. Rather rude comment buddy! I assist with the editing for MGA and up till yesterday Evening WenLi was set on getting some work done. He’s been pumping out 4 chapters + a day for weeks so be thankful. its not that he took two days to say he couldn’t make it, his body just couldn’t keep up with his mind,.. So be nice

      1. Did i say anything about the quota? Im thankful that he posts the chapter etc, etc. What I asked is that in 3 days he couldnt post anything about his status in wuxiaworld and he DID post it on patreon.

      2. Same here, posted on patreon so why not here? I believe he just forget, but you as part of the team. Can’t you mention something, better then left as in the dark?

  2. heh funny how only good guys are reading the novels 😀 I mean every time translator gets sick everyone encourages him ( don’t get me wrong it’s a good thing )… just ya know weird a bit 😀 of course there are some guys with MASKS but all is good 😀

    P.S. get better Mr.Wen-li :O ( dunno how to spell yo name )

  3. *sitting cross-legged and sending some divine positive energy*
    Rest well, as common said: Real life problem comes first.
    Thanks for all your hardwork Mr. Yang Wen-li

  4. mag pagaling kang maiigi kaibigan..
    kami ay nag hihintay sa iyong muling pag babalik..

    naway patnubayan ka ng may kapal..

    anyway,, take good care of your self and your family too…
    everybody needs you..

    though shall not cower in the midst of sickness my friend…
    we are always by your side..

  5. Yeah,3 chapters for absolute choice-oh wait,wrong site ??

    Anyway,get well soon,and remember to have a proper rest,cause the stress from work can make it so that you get easily sick,so try not to push yourself too hard.

    I miss zi ling?i want her to appear already

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