MGA Releases ~ Chapters 368, 369

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I’d say it’s on time enough cough

Anyways, should probably have done this a long time ago, but I added a warning that says “this novel contains mature themes” in the index. I think it shouldn’t be redundant? Ehh, should be fine though.


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  1. ~ Honestly, I kinda agree, It would’ve been nice to have such a tag ^. Still I think the warning statement needs a bit more, considering it touches on such a taboo as rape. I say this as a member of the remaining female audience, at the very least could you bold the warning statement?

    As always thanks for the almost daily chapters.

    1. Maybe he couldn’t. Life is not always predictable, you know? Saying that to an author that has only forgotten to tell us in advance a single time, is totally out of place.

      1. yep hes right buth i dont think they will stop doing it bc they are adicted a( sevrage is nesesery) buth they might become agresiv lol

        P.s ty 4 the chapiter and b healty ( to translate faster) to late im infected U_U

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