MGA Releases ~ Chapters 330, 331

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Hmm so, I know I said I would translate the story regarding the idiom, but that’ll be pushed to a later time (will be done eventually I hope). I was googling an already done translation for the story, since the origin of the idiom comes from a famous story (Romance of the Three Kingdoms), but the translation I found didn’t match up with the text I had, so I wasted like an hour or something there and didn’t get the story translated.

But anyways, the idiom (lose a bride and lose an army…or something like that) shouldn’t be too confusing to understand so it shouldn’t be too significant. But if you have questions, comment and I should see it (hopefully).

That is all, enjoy~

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  1. Even if chu feng shows his ‘good side’, he’s still brutal as hell
    Thanks for the new chapters FBT
    They are awesome as alway and keep up the good work

  2. the idiom should mean something similar to behind every good man there is a good woman or something like it. Usually in chinese idioms there is a more direct correlation in the story as they tend to be literal.

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