MGA Releases ~ Chapters 323 – 329

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Mini-tsunami! Yeah!

Plot hasn’t been going anywhere eh? Now it has! Somewhat :p

But yes, I do apologize for the recent lateness in chapter releasing. Have been very distracted by so many things, but I’ll try to get my stuff together and release at more regular times.

Anyways, not much to say here, so enjoy~

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  1. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! grr XD

    Thanks!!!! saved my life!

    ohhh and this is random, but people! go to steam and search a game called nosgoth. you will no be diappointed!

  2. Take some time if you need it. There’s lots of fun things to take up your time when you should be satisfying my reading addiction. Video games, anime, other books, pinball, so I don’t know about everyone else, but considering how much you release, I can live with a few light or missing days as long as it doesn’t become habit forming. Keep up the good work and thanks for the chapter blast.

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