MGA Releases ~ Chapters 308 – 313

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I’m done! Horrah!

Sorry about the late chapters. I uh…travelled a few hours forward into time with my eyes closed. Quite magical eh? Yep.

Anyways, two edits. The “er” endings for closest in names will be replaced from [-er]to[ ‘er]and “Mansion Master” has been changed to “Mansion Lord” if you haven’t seen so already in index notes.

That is all, enjoy~

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      1. Thanks for letting me know of the cliff hanger because i was about to start reading but since u said that I’ll wait another day. haven’t read MGA since last Friday. Stock piling for a major read.

  1. Good job wit the (pi)E2, Also as a side note time travel has been scientifically proven within ver spesific parameters, one of the most important of which is when using a medium(yourself) time travel is only possible between the establishment of the medium and the future up until the destruction of the medium.

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