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  1. Awwwww I need more!!!!Please!!! You don’t Understand!!! You just don’t!!!! ARGH!!!! This is excitement is enough to make me break through different realms.

  2. @FBT

    in chapter 246

    “Half a year ago, Chu Feng beheaded a person in the 5th level of the Origin realm with the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm, and he even did it so casually. So, this boy’s high battle power does completely defy common scene, and it exceeds your imaginations.”

    it should be common sense right ??

    1. nein, have yea not heard of the word common scene? it´s an ancient word that only masters know about so that´s probably the reason you didn´t know!!!

  3. chu feng defeated someone of the 6th level of the profound realm with eggy’s help and reached the 1st level of the profound realm.
    now without eggy’s help he was unable to block someone of the 4th level of the profound realm when he is at the 7th level of the origin realm.
    that sounds right. his spirit formation can block someone 5 levels higher but he cant block someone 6 levels higher (origin 7th to profound 4th)

    1. Bah ..don’t mind the second part of the post. I’m tired, didn’t notice its alrdy past midnight (where i am). I thought it was thursday.
      Sry xD

  4. Pfft, bad cliffhanger, have yea been slacking of my lord? you should have ended it at however… and then commented dun Dunn DUNNNN

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