MGA Releases ~ Chapters 238 – 243

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Phew. Ignore my message in the index, I made it in time :p

For the sake of consistency, Lingyun School will remain as it is.

Sorry if some sentences sound a bit off, I’ll try to change them later on. If you see any changes that can be done to improve it, please throw me a comment because my mind is a bit tired recently >_>

Anyways, enjoy~

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  1. I had to create an account just to say this:

    I can’t decide whether I absolutely adore you for translating this wonderful LN at such a rapid pace, or despise your entire being for being so horribly wonderful at cliffhangers…

    FBT plsss

  2. FBT made me make an account just so i can say awesome job, your a 1337 translator in my book but you should take a break before you burn yourself out 🙂

  3. I love how this somehow became my favorite series over coiling dragon simply because you come out with these huge batches of chapters. Team World Spiritists go!!!!!

  4. Thanks for all the chapters FBT. I used to hate all these other novels besides CD then I started to branch out and stretch my reading range… found out that quite a lot of these fits my tastes.

    Only thing I dislike about MGA and Chu Feng is the fact that he needs to root out entire families. I understand the concept, but at times I feel like it’s just going overboard. I don’t even mind how he tortures those who harm his family. It’s just wiping out women and children irks me. Alright wiping out male children is fine… cause those can grow into tigers in the future. Wait… hmm, but females can be pretty powerful in this world too… augh… still goes against my beliefs.

    1. yea i felt the same way at first then i realized that they probably would have all grown into idiots like the guys that provoked Chu Feng in the first place…so in a way he’s doing the world a big favour…just think of it like that it’ll make you feel better.

  5. Oh, and as for sentences sounding a bit off, you might want to change threw to throw when you change things… not that it really matters at this stage XD

    1. Course it matters. Changing it makes it better for new readers. Which is why everyone should have voted to change Yingyun or w/e it was as well. So then people re-reading or new readers would have had it nice. Instead they will perpetually always want to know wtf is Lniyung School

      Although when checking all instances of threw in those chapters I didn’t see anywhere that it was improperly used

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