MGA Releases ~ Chapters 217, 218, 219

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The extra chapters will come tomorrow. Anyways, polls:

What should the onomatopoeia for footsteps be?

Realized that the poll was a bit inaccurate, so might make a new one tomorrow, but might not.

I am currently using *ta ta ta*.

That is all, enjoy the chapters~

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  1. Imma more like imagining white-beard in da marineford war walking (op)… like, every step he took made the space around him shatter

  2. I think most manga translators seem to go with ta ta ta just like you

    tap tap tap is acceptable aswell, i guess, and i have seen that one being used elsewhere as well…

    these two do express sound pretty well in my opinion, but i am preferable to *ta ta ta for faster movment, tap tap tap for silent moment

    *step*step*step is not much of an omnitopia, it’s looks barely better to me than just writing *sounds of footsteps* which i find pretty immersion breaking and frankly a bit lazy. you are better than that, you awesome person

    1. But those two make literally no sense what so ever, where does tatata come from walking… and taptaptap could be anything, unless it says *sounds of footsteps* with either of these two, you wont have any idea whats going on, atleast step step step can be shorted a bit and you know what is happening.

  3. If don’t want to with *step* then stick with *ta*. Don’t go with *tap* because it sound like blind person use cane so it goes with *tap* and also other reason “Tap Dancing” goes *tap*, too. Btw I voted *step*.

    1. i always felt that tatata were instead the omnitopia for punching combos.. or were it da da da?
      Hmm, or maybe da da da, is for a machine gun, but then what about du du du?

  4. Stick with *ta ta ta* or something similar. *step step step* and *tap tap tap* sound too loud. Martial artists have light footsteps. Also, thanks for promising chapters tomorrow! I’m hyped!

  5. Tatata isn’t bad. I had a suggestion for a different translation though. You are calling this new area a ditch of hundred bends, but ditch doesn’t really sound right. Sounds like valley would be more correct to the scope of the area. Ditches tend to be small, such as next to a road. You can’t really have a city in a ditch. Another possibility would be a canyon. Canyons tend to have many bends, such as the Grand Canyon.

  6. Is it just me or does anyone else want to donate a ridiculous amount in order to fund CD, but mainly to make FBT work like crazy and release a high amount of chapters to finish this ark in one go!?! 🙂

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