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Not too important information, but for the curious:

One thing first. For yesterday’s censor, I did not mean “explicit” content. What I was trying to say was “mature themes” since there was really nothing explicit about it. So, that has been changed. Questions:

1) Why were the chapters separated?

For the first censoring, chapter 133 or somewhere there, I separated the chapters with links because sometimes, the spoiler box doesn’t contract and they stay open. So, for those who did not want to see the content, I just made sure to prevent that with links.

2) Why were the chapters yesterday (chap 209) censored?

To be completely honest, I don’t really know where the line should be cut for censoring. Personally, I don’t mind all that, but some people do, so for the sake of those people, I just did. However, I think I will combined them back soon.

3) Why were the chapters separated with links and not into the spoiler tags themselves?

Since I did it for the first one, I did it for this one. But I really shouldn’t have, so my bad.

If you have any questions, just throw them down in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them. That is all, so enjoy the chapters~

EDIT: Stuff has been uncensored because it wasn’t really inappropriate.

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  1. I don´t really think that there would be anyone getting offended or anything tho.. most(probably all) of the readers are mature enough for reading the “explicit stuff”… to my defense i think that anyone older then 13 will be fine reading the mature stuff and… i don´t think anyone younger than that would be reading novel in their free time or any time without being forced to do that..

    1. Oh, 11 year olds will be fine reading it… but their parents will not. xD, and the rape victims whom are triggered by mere sentences relating to sexual contact, etc, that kind of shit. ;D

      1. Have yea ever heard of a 11 year old reading a book with their right mind? well, i did but it were only the kids books made by Roald Dahl…

        1. When i was 10, i already did read many books and i assure you that they weren’t picture books and were not shorter than few hundred pages each…

          1. it´s not about the pages, all those Dahl guy books were a couple of hundred pages, i even read Harry potter… the most important thing is the content… not the quantity

        2. By the age of 11 I was reading ‘adult level’ type books….of course my mother wasn’t thrilled by that, but there you have it. I am living proof that 11 year old kids can and do read…. lol.

    2. Agreed. People are not fragile like that. Only a fringe group in the internet has adopted this complete hugbox mentality — tumblr I’m looking at you.

    3. There is not much ‘mature’ stuff there anyway. Many novels have gore on level that overshades the ‘sex’ parts of this novel, as far as Pegi’NN’ goes. Those scenes here are not described in that much detail anyway. Kid wouldn’t even learn to put what in what from MGA, heh.

  2. Thank you o much for the chapters. Glad to have finally bit the bullet and create a wordpress since I’ve been leeching for so long.
    This will probably be the 2nd blog that I actually donate to (TurnipFarmer’s are the first)
    I’ve gotten hooked on all the LN’s posted here. I wish you guys were doing Stellar Transformations as well since TranslationNations is slowballing it so much…..

    1. Dudeee don’t even mention ST lol. I was hoping the releases would be faster since there’s two translators now but it seems like nothings changed sadly…. ?

  3. Ohwell, judging from next chapter preview, Chufeng always gets to practice new skills during extremely violent bloodbaths, which is definitely coming soon. Loving that.

  4. I don’t really mind setting it this way, it really isn’t censorship, you can still read it with an extra click, unless for some strange reason you broke all your fingers just before reading the chapter, which just means that you really shouldn’t be reading MGA in the middle of a yakuza fight, or your mouse and touchpad suddenly broke just before you could click the link, which is probably a sign from the heavens, so you should take it up with God instead of the website. 🙂

    It’s not censorship if it is just an extra click.

    1. you mean that thing that keeps the population of almost every species going? not to mention hot as hell? yeah totally a waste of reading space. It’s not like it’s every chapter so it happening now and again is natural. just saying.

    2. That’s your opinion… Pure ‘sex scenes’, would be waste of time, as i can google porn if i want to have that. But if they serve the plot and relations between main characters, then they are not wasteful at all ~~

  5. I think you should just leave the story as is without the “censoring”. If people think it’s inappropriate, they can just stop reading, but it is absolutely ridiculous for someone to be offended by a sex scene, when they are reading a fantasy story where the main character slaughters thousands of people.

    1. Yeah. I also think that’s kinda pointless to censor soft porn scenes when 2 paragraphs before there is a soft gore scene of killing thousands of kinda innocent people including kids and women from one poor clan, then shattering someones head to meat paste etc… Heh… 😛

  6. As far as censoring goes, it makes sense to have ppl have to hit the jump. It’s not like 1 more click will kill anyone and for those that don’t want to read, it wont surprise them.

    1. He took grey cloak from this girl before when he fought with her for Tiger’ish ultiamte technique. After absorbing those ‘beads’ from tower and also reciving help from Eggy, he is more or less at Grey Cloak level 🙂

  7. I’m late but I’d say just linking to a different page is enough, I wouldn’t censor it further than that, since you’d be changing the story.
    Anyway, thanks for the four chapters! 😀

  8. Do not censor.
    I don’t understand why 95% of us must miss content because the other 5% don’t like it.

    Pls us spoiler tags or a diff link. Thank you for everything.

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