MGA Releases ~ Chapters 169, 170, 171

Early release and read stuff here!

Other things:

1) Regarding the editing: Rather than thoroughly editing all the chapters, I will only skim through them now and look for obvious mistakes and things that should be changed, because it would probably take me a whole week or something to edit everything. Plus, it’s not like my past translations were that bad. (I hope)

2) Regarding the “sack name”: Given the quite difficult choice between accuracy (cosmos) or popularity (dimensional), I pick accuracy. (sorry~)

3) Godly Lightning has been changed to Divine Lightning.

That is it, so enjoy the chapters~

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    1. I was undecided which one to choose so I used the poll, but after a lot more thinking, I went with accuracy so that’s how it ended up with.

  1. I’m wondering if it could be “cosmic” instead of “cosmos?”
    Cosmos Sack just seems a bit awkward to say. Though, if it really affects the accuracy, it’d be fine to stay as is.
    -Also, I guess you’d have to go back and change it AGAIN, which is not the best thing at the moment :p

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