MGA Releases ~ Chapters 159, 160

Early posting! Horrah!

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^ Instead of updating the post, I made an entire new post for the earliest chapter. That’s what the alternative link is for (mobile). If I’m not mistaken, the cache problem not updating thing only applies to chapter that exist, so the alternative link should work? I’m not too clear on how it works, but if it does, please throw me a comment below.

Anyways, sorry about the hiatus, and I still have plenty of chapters to edit (only at chapter 23 sigh). However, I have most of the names changed and whatnot, and for the list of changes, check the index page (also shows my progress).

Furthermore, I’ll take a break from this editing madness and I’ll work on the translations instead until I finish all the extra chapters and some compensation chapters. Don’t worry, all the chapters will come out. Eventually.

Anyways, for mobile users, please do tell me if the first link doesn’t work, does the second one work? That is all, sorry for no extra chapters, but you know, editing.

Enjoy the chapters~

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        1. And tomorrow? I saw on MGA index that “Sundays: Completely random + Leftover Extras”, so i wonder if you will put (some or all) extra chapters tomorrow.

          1. Yea, tomorrows my birthday.. Can´t let all those whose got their birthday tomorrow down, now can yea?

          2. If it is really your birthday, I wish you an early “Happy Birthday” right now :p

            I’m working on a “Synopsis Sunday” and it’s quite long (almost 5k characters) so not sure if I will have much time, but I’ll try my best ~

          3. Not planning any tomorrow, but depending if there’s a cliffhanger or not if I have time, I might post one. Who knows~

  1. Thanks for the chapters! I may reread early chapters just to get a feel for the terminology changes and edits but for now I think I got it covered…

  2. I am starting to think that Wuxia World should be renamed Cliffhanger World. Where translators come to giggle in delight as they torment their readers with endless cliffhangers.

  3. Give us the crack man!
    THE CRACK!!!

    jk FBT, take your time 🙂 No need to apologize or anything, your release speed is blazing fast, we’re just a little spoiled/addicted.

  4. Hey, was wondering do you need a helping hand editing old chapters? More than ready to help if you only need to replace words 🙂 (I cant read Chinese)

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