MGA Releases ~ Chapters 148, 149

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Two things today.

1) I do have an extra chapter meant for today, but it’ll come tomorrow.

2) Concerning how I post chapters.

Simply put, would you guys rather I release chapters gradually or all at once?

Gradually – 1 chapter in the afternoon, 1 at night. For 3 chapter days, also 1 chapter in the morning. Extra chapters would released in the afternoon. (All of this is in EST time)

All at once is basically the same as what I am doing now.

I have a poll at the end of the preview, but for those who don’t read the preview, here’s the link to the poll.


That is all, enjoy the chapters!

24 thoughts on “MGA Releases ~ Chapters 148, 149” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I personally love having them all at once. It give me a chance to binge read as opposed to waiting forever hoping that that next chapter is around the corner. And when done this way, if you have personal, professional, or technological troubles later on, I won’t miss out on that days chapters.

    Also, this batch came just in time to give me an excuse to procrastinate redoing the grout on my kitchen sink. Hurray for procrastination and hurray for Flowerbridgetoo!

  2. I actually would like to leave it up to you. I am in favor of both, binge reading is great, especially since it’s shorter chapters than CD, but a steady stream would mean less waiting for the next chapter.

    Something that we ought to consider when making the choice is that there are starting to become quite a lot of stories with frequent updates here, so binge posting mean less spamming in the post feed, and makes it easier to find the chapters everyone is interested in

  3. I am fine with either, in my timzone i get to read ‘all at one’ around 23:30, so it does not make much difference 🙂 So, just choose what makes it easier for you 🙂

  4. If you want to drive us crazy throughout the day about the next chapter then do it 1 at a time. This will enhance the addictiveness of the story, similarly to how the original author intended. It also allows us to think about what happened and look forward to the next one, maybe reread it again if it’s really good.

    If you give us batches like this, I feel like it spoils the story a little bit, because sometimes there’s a good cliffhanger but then the next chapter is right there behind that next button. It doesn’t even get a chance to brew in your system for a bit, before it’s dispelled.

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