MGA Releases ~ Chapters 131 – 137

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I’ll put a translator’s note at the preview of chapter 138 since I just want to get this out first.

EDIT: Nevermind the note. Next time.

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  1. Yeah, link doesn’t work. Chapters are up if you just go to the last one and hit next.
    Thanks for the chapters!

    edit.. Yeah it was already working by the time I commented.. Nvm

  2. Mobile for some reason combines the url of this page with the url of 131
    So yeah, if your having that issue just backspace the hell out of this ones.

  3. awesome 6 chapters to enjoy for the night! Thanks alot

    Although I gotta ask did yah pick these 6 cuz the cliff hanger is killer? Ah surely not your not as evil as Deathblade lol

  4. Coiling Dragon was the first chinese novel I have ever read and I thought it would always be my favorite but after reading MGA .. Coiling Dragon, sorry but now you have to be 2.

    I’m still happy for every CD chapter but if I see a new MGA chapter I’m just to excited and scream “SCHEIßE JA!” (I’m from germany btw. :))

    Thanks for the chapters and now I’m going to enjoy it 🙂

  5. aww come on, how on Earth could you stop there, if another cd doesn’t come out tonight, this is all im going to be able to think about….grr

    thanks for translating it tho, even tho u stop at he worst possible times

  6. I registered for this comment, so I have a question is martial Lord the same as martial god in the title, because Lord sometimes means god. Or later there will be something stronger than martial Lord and it will be named martial god?
    Greetings from Poland!!!

  7. No I’m pretty sure Martial Lord isn’t the same as Martial God because Eggy said that there was higher realm and Martial God is probably the highest since it’s what the book is called… While also when translating it’s not like you can just half pick something that is similar because it’ll create a completely different story sometimes (unless there like no other way to translate the language)

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