MGA Releases ~ Chapters 117, 118, 119, 120

Hello everyone and welcome back. Read chapters here

Sorry bout the lack of chapters yesterday, but I had fun reading/skimming a volume. Volume #2, done!

So, a few things –

1) If you haven’t noticed, “Boundary Formation” is now “Spirit Formation”. It makes it a lot more vague and general so it should be better for the future. I will use it for everything and no PinYin (none of that “Jiejie” stuff)

2) “godly lightning” is now “Godly Lightning”. Small thing, but meh.

3) As a general rule of thumb, as long as it doesn’t sound too weird, I will translate the names/things into English instead of leaving them in PinYin. Because of that, I might change some names accordingly as the novel goes on in order for them to sound better.

4) Any changes that I do in naming will be stated in the daily post when I release the chapters, or in the MGA index as a “TN”.

5) After reaching to chapter 550 or something, I will say this: The plot seems (or is) quite predictable right now, however, you will pretty much see that no more in a few more arcs, so await the unbearable cliffhangers 😀

6) My release schedule is generally 21:00 UTC, however, it can be at late as 22:00 UTC. If it’s any later than that, then assume no chapters, though I will usually announce it if that is the case.

7) Hope you guys don’t mind, but I plan to translate as a summer job (donations and whatnot) as I am still in the educational stage in life…

So, when I have time to translate before July the 1st, would you guys rather I release it slowly per day, say like 4 chapters a day, or do the normal daily releases then surprise tsunami the whole world on Sunday? Just saying that it’s a one time thing, and when July arrives, I will probably release it slowly rather than all at once. But anyways, how else to decide, other…than…polls!


That is all for this note, sorry if it’s a bit long, but I think everything I want to say is said. So, enjoy the chapters~

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  1. Thanks, and keep on with the good work.

    About the fact that you asked, I rather prefer regular chapters instead of few chapters and a bunch on sundays,

  2. I was not planning on forgiving you for yesterday but, sadly, I cannot resist the pull of chapters and all my sadness and resentfulness has disappeared…

    Thank you very much for the chapters as always!

  3. Thank you for the releases Flowerbridgetoo I just started MGA a few days ago and caught up I appreciate your hard work if I get a extra money up I’ll be sure to donate.

  4. Thanks for the chapters! 😀

    Your poll options are so weird man xD anyways you might wanna use a href=”link” target=”_blank” title=”title”></a
    instead of the normal html tag so it will open the poll in a new tab… just a quality of life thing 🙂

  5. I actually said “Daaaamn” outloud after seeing a four chapter release.
    Gotta love your humor with that 2012 flood description FBT.

    Thank you so much for the chapters! Good luck with donations, haha.

  6. Ah yeah thx man. Love that number 1. #2 was eh ok ;). #3 english were possible. I mean everyone should know direct translations of skill names are gonna sound stupid as shit, but least its easier to remember.

    But yep Thx for the chapters as always!

  7. I voted and I’m not even sure what I want, so maybe I shouldn’t have voted. If my vote tips the scale then I’ll laugh. I voted Tsunami.

    Thanks for the chapters!

  8. Soo where is the button for “Apocalypse”:P:P??? Instead of Bammmm.. make it a Big Bang type of event ehhhh?? :P:P thanks for the chapters :D:D

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