MGA Releases ~ Chapters 115, 116

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Of course, welcome back…to polls! Oh yes!

This time, we return to…Boundary Formation~~ Sigh.

As stated before, the term “Boundary Formation”, or more specifically, the “Boundary” in Chinese has multiple meanings and because of that, I cannot make a specific name. Etc.

I was originally set on “Boundary Formation” because 1) Easy to remember 2) In my opinion, slightly better than PinYin, which is “Jiejie” (結界).

However, because of the language difference, problems appear and this is one of them.

“Boundary Formation” is probably the best translation I can think of, however, in certain areas right now and most likely in the future as well, it sounds strange, as seen in the poll. Although it makes sense now, it may not work so well in the future.

“Jiejie”, the PinYin, will probably need some time to get used to, but it works generally. However, changing it might be a bad idea because most people (including me as well actually) got used to “Boundary Formation”.

Of course, it may be for the best to alternate between the two of them. When it works, I use “Boundary Formation”. When it doesn’t, I just slap “Jiejie” in there and it’ll magically works.

I think I might go for the 3rd option and introduce this new term, despite being a bit annoying. Sighs. Oh well, I’ll act depending on the poll and I’ll also read ahead a bit more to see more applications of this “Jiejie”. That is all, and enjoy the chapter~

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Nevermind the poll. Going to read ahead for some more insights.

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  1. First of all, thank you! You’re awesome!

    Second, I REALLY dislike having anything that can be translated not translated.

    If you can translate it, then do. Even if later you change your mind, then change it to something else in english, I beg you

  2. Enchantment Arts
    Spirit Formation
    Jie Formation
    Jie Arts

    Anything but Boundary. 結界(technique) has little to do with territories and more to do with the actual manipulation of 結界(energy) with is taken from the spirit world.

    In fact, what you can do is give slight different names to the way it’s used, like “Enchantment Arts” for the techniques and “Spirit World Power” for the energy (just made that one up).

    1. Hmm. Spirit Formation does sound pretty good actually and it does fit pretty well with everything. I think I’ll read ahead and see the uses of it before actually deciding on a name. Sigh. The pains >_>

  3. Why does it have to be an immediate catch-all term? Why not have every technique fall under a broader category and then you can add subcategories as you see fit.

    Such as:

    Spirit Arts – Boundary Formation
    Spirit Arts – Jiejie Enchantment
    Spirit Arts – Empowering Enchantment
    Spirit Arts – Vengeful Spirits
    Spirit Art – Boundless Spirit World

    …Obviously most of these are made up as I don’t speak Chinese(yet) and haven’t read ahead – just making guesses to provides examples.

    You could also just use Offensive And Defensive Spirit Arts(or Formation or whatever) as there appears to be a distinction there, though how in-depth a difference in phrasing I do not yet know.

    Just some thoughts.

  4. Well I’m flexible. I wouldn’t mind changing the name to something else, but that’s just me personally… do what you deem is best. And thanks for the chapters!

  5. Doesnt JieJie also mean elder sister?
    Always love these completely different words that have the same pronunciation, good for puns.

    Anyway, I’m a fan of keeping most key terms in the native language, Just flows so much better with the short, sweet, probably impossible to pronounce bullshit, increases the ability to remember the term like 10X .

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