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      1. I was having an issue earlier where I clicked “Next Chapter” on chapter 112 and it would take me to chapter 112 instead of 113. I had to manually edit the URL (not like that’s particularly hard)

        As long as I’m mentioning issues, your adds don’t seem to like the page being zoomed in. I have bad eye sight and zoom the page in to read. When ever there’s an add with video every time the video changes or restarts the page will move to focus on the add.

    1. you can read all the chapters, they are just linked together the wrong way. go back to the chapterlist (where you can see them all) and pick 113 and it works 🙂

  1. I will read this if there is a romance in this LN,
    but if it’s just like “xian ni” forget it.hehe
    so anyone please tell me.
    thanks in advance.

  2. Hi. just want to ask about MGA release. Do you release MGA chapter during sundays? cause I read your own website stating that you release 3chapters per day except sundays. So I didn’t find it clear if there are no chapters during sunday. Thanks. Best Regards and Keep up the releases.

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