MGA Releases ~ Chapters 110, 111

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More notes! First of all, regarding my translations. Somewhere in chapter 111, there’s a sentence that directly translates to “Open your dog eyes wide and look clearly”.

So, from “dog eye”, I removed “dog” and I made it into only “eye” instead, so “Open your eyes wide and look clearly”.

I was wondering, which one do you prefer? The more accurate one, or the one that sounds better? Naturally, polls!

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  1. I think the accurate one sounds better because in that context they are calling him a dog as well and so its more demeaning. Its like calling someone to open their stupid eyes.

  2. I think maybe with some localisation it would sound better. Such as:

    “Open your stupid eyes wide and look clearly!”


    “Open your mongrel eyes wide and look clearly!”


    “Open your lazy eyes wide and look clearly!”

  3. I prefer the one that sounds better! I think translators should take some liberties for themselves if it would just be weird otherwise.
    Thanks for the chapters O benevolent Flowerbridge

  4. I don’t really care if it is that accurate or not, i really like this novel it may even be my number one, i did read a lot so it is not easy for me to decide. This is just so good, i just can’t wait for more chapters which is a rarity, i usually have patience but this just suits my tastes much more.

    I am happy as long as you keep translating this, i prefer if it is accurate but sometimes it just is bad when it is translated and sounds awkward, so it all comes up to your decision making to change it somewhat but keep it accurate as much as possible.

  5. You know… I can’t take this anymore, I try to stay loyal to Flowerbridge and wait for his translations. But I can’t take the cliffs.

    I’m going to read ahead D:

    Sorry Flower

    EDIT: I hope my chinese skills don’t fail me in reading the sayings….. always have troubles with those.

  6. hmm, i think the meaning changes if you don’t put dog eyes. Because in one has an insult and in the other it doesn’t… For the flow maybe you could put like ren said in the comments above.. Or other adjective, idk hahah

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