MGA Releases ~ Chapters 103, 104, 105

Hello everyone! First post here so had a bit of trouble (quite stupid troubles), but here are the MGA chapters. I also have quite a few to say, but if you don’t want to know about it, go straight down read ahead.

First of all, the amount of chapters remain the same. (Usually) 2 chapters a day, an extra if there are enough donations or if I’m feeling like it :p

Secondly, I will post a post on my blog as well for feeds since wuxiaworld only send emails I’ve heard? If that’s wrong, please correct me.

Thirdly, although Ren’s got most of the DDOS and other problems solved so there shouldn’t be any problems, if, for whatever reason, the website is down, I’ll link to the google docs in my posts (on my blog). I’ll remove the link and replace it with the one on the website when it gets back up. However, hopefully, no problems will appear.

Fourthly, regarding the arcs. The reason why I removed them was because they’re quite annoying/challenging to think of since the arcs in the story have quite different lengths, and also, the more important part, I need to think of a arc name that gives a general idea yet doesn’t spoil what would happen. Obviously, that’s a bit hard to think of and sometimes the arcs I give out might spoil the content. So, what other to do than…polls! Here

I believe that is all. Sorry about the somewhat late release, but had quite a lot to write and needed to look back at the comments to see if I missed anything. Since it’s my first post on WW, extra chapter for you guys! Horrah~

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  1. Three chapters at once! Haha I was curious as to why none were posted yet, thanks a bunch.
    I actually like the arcs, it makes organizing easier. If it gets too difficult to think of a name, I wouldn’t mind something like “Arc 28” being used.
    Again, happy to have you joining Wuxiaworld FlowerbridgeToo.

    1. I second that motion. Specially since I like to wait till chapters have accumulated some before I get into it, the Arcs help me know when it’s a good time to get caught up, and while I like the titles, numbering them would work just as well.

    2. I am really happy that Flowerbridgetoo decided to drop arcs. As when i am writing my own Fiction i find it hard to create titles for Books/arcs that aren’t spoiling anything, so i pretty much dropped trying to name them at all. So i totally understand Flowerbridgetoo’s point 🙂 Remember Illunis, it’s not always best to go with the current flow and do everything exactly the same just because ‘everyone else’ is doing it 🙂

  2. My first thought was “How in hell did I manage to miss more than a hundred chapters”
    It took me some time to realize they were all published here today

    Thanks for you work!

  3. Hey Flowerbridgetoo, i don’t know if you will notice my comment at Ch52 so i will also write it here, so it will be slightly more apparent ^.^

    I really liked how Ren sticked (stuck?) with long names while translating, even though it must have been bothersome when writing translation down every time… Like with “Using something heavy as though it were light’, for example.

    Following this lines, i disliked shortening “Heaven and Earth Sack” to HE Sack. For me, it gives off Virtual-Reality novel type feeling, and does not go well with MGA climate too well. I’d really like to suggest using full phrase, instead of shortening it, as it makes it ‘uncool’ and somehow unfitting, at least in my opition 🙂

    Duh, duh, well, you will do whatever you want, obviously, that’s only suggestion of some random leecher that is really happy to be able to read this novel thanks to you ^.^

    1. I generally skim through the comments and since yours was pretty huge (not that it’s bad), I see it~

      Hmm. I shortened the “HE sack” not because I’m lazy (well perhaps), but also when it shows up too often on one page, it gets repetitive. By shortening it, although it is repetitive, you don’t get the “repetitive feeling” if you understand what I mean.

      Something like “Using something heavy as though it were light”, I wouldn’t shorten it as well because 1) It doesn’t pop up every next sentence whereas “HE sack” may, and 2) Well, it can’t be shortened. I suppose it’s general preference, but I have pondered around it for a decent while (somewhat).

      1. Well, it’s heavily mentioned in few chapters when it’s introduced, then it’s mentioned not more than once or twice per many chapters. If i were to choose between repeating myself with full sentence and shortening it, i would still choose repeating myself – in such novels readers are kind of used to reading one term many times, it even feels like author does it so reader can easily ‘remember’ specific term 🙂 You choose shortening it, and of course it’s another viable option. It’s all up to translator how he prefers his text to be, hehe 🙂

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