MGA Releases ~ 296, 297, 298, 299

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Hello guys, sorry about the late chapters.

What can I say… Felt slightly tired and I couldn’t get myself to translate, so I kept on pushing them back, and pushing, and pushing, and well, you get it eh?

Usually, I have the chapters done the night before but because of the reason above, I left them for this morning, but because various things popped up, they were pushed back to translate during the afternoon, and thus, they are so late.

Also, as a heads up, there will be no chapters tomorrow or Sunday for me to cool my brain off a bit, and because of that, donations will not be touched. Chapters will resume on Monday as we near the 300th chapter!

Pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself by getting so far 😀

Anyways, do enjoy the chapters~

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      1. trying not to unduly pressure you, our bones will tremble and we shall cough blood but for the sake of your quality (and fast) translations we will ==not== notice your restbreak xD

  1. thanks for the chapters!!!
    but why!!!! no chaps for 2 whole days, 48 whole hours, 2880 whole minutes, 172800 whole seconds.
    what am i gonna do in these 172800000 miliseconds!!!!

  2. Thanks for the chapters, FBT! Rest as much as you need and don’t worry about your releases being on time! Releasing them on he promised day is already awesome!

  3. Thank you!! 🙂 I don’t mind at all if you take a break. I’m already grateful enough that you’re putting out more than a chapter a day!!! Thanks again. 🙂

  4. I forgive you FBT, since you so kindly supply us with mountains of chapters every week 😀
    Mountains of chapters? …or mountains of crack? Crack Feng.
    .. thanks for the chapters!!

  5. Hey man! Thanks for the chapters!

    On a side note, just wondering since we won’t get chapters for the two days, will we get both days chapter in bulk on Monday as written on the index? 🙂

    “The chapters on Saturdays and Sundays may not be posted as it’s possible that they get delayed for Monday.” I mean, we didn’t get any for a week, so just wondering. 🙁

      1. Just take care of yourself first before anything else. Without you there would be no MGA. Thanks anyways. As long as there’s MGA everyweek, (not necessary everyday), I am content already.

  6. Just waiting a single day is sooo freakin hard, and now I gotta wait 2? Wish I had time travel abilities….

    But thank you so much for all of your hard work. This is such a great series and one of my favorite Xianxia (other being ISSTH) and it’s cause of you I can enjoy this.

  7. Waiting is nothing compared to you burning yourself out and leaving is mere mortals in the dark, so take your time and take off if you need it! We’ll always be here when you get back! And I mean that in a purely non-stalker, completely platonic way (^^,)

    Thanks for the chapters!

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