MGA Release ~ Chapters 968–972

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My wrist and arm were feeling a bit sore, so I decided to take a bit of a rest. It feels fine now though, so releases will resume! Edited by Littleshanks, enjoy!

As a side note, Four Illusion Binding Formation has been changed to Four Symbols Binding Formation. Also, the author changed a few descriptions in chapter 770 (nothing too important it seems), so I’ve updated it.

Haven’t done teaser yet, will be up in a while. Teaser’s done, should be up soon.

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        1. Hey guys, do we tell him that “Edited by LittleShanks” appears in all release posts is because it’s not LittleShanks who posts them and that translator is FlowerBridgeToo and LittleShanks is innocent? I didn’t think it was possible, but this guy has no idea XD

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. And I’m grateful that you’re back at it again. We’re so lucky to have a seriously dedicated translator like yourself.

  2. Once again I hear the shitty my arm hurts bullshit. I have done a lot of writing in my day and my arm/wrist has never been injured to the point it inhibits the ability to write. Seriously. Do you not eat? Are you putting yourself in a position where your muscles are starting to atrophy? Because this should not be happening ever.

    1. To begin with no one said that the arm/wrist soreness resulted from writing. If someone wants to rest their arm who are you to stop them?

      Also what works for you may not work for others. Just because you can keep writing with no backlash does not mean others can do the same. Don’t go around judging others by your standards. You maybe superior to some people but you are definitely inferior to many more.

      You are a nobody.

    2. I think the fact you hear that bullcrap so often is pretty self-explanatory, your whole post is bullcrap, because obviously that happens. Probably Tower of God fan. XD Not every wrist is the same. You could do whatever you want and you’d never break my wrist or knee. (checked few hundred times in Krav Maga and BJJ, also fell from 5m without tuck and roll with no issue other than sore butt) It did get tired easily back in the day though. Sword fighting strengthened it so it’s not much of an issue now, but I have to keep perfect form and technique and had to switch to using my arm instead of wrist when using mouse. When I twisted my ankle so hard they were terrified in hospital that I was advised not to walk a lot for a month, I could run around in 3 days. I also meet people with those wrists that are stiff as f***, they cry in pain with a little pressure and need loooots of boxer bandages to keep their wrist straight when they hook a punching bag, otherwise pressure “crushes” and twists their wrist. There are different types of… umm… connective tissue (if it’s not a term in english, screw translate google), so every single wrist is different. That what I was told. You think you have such a strong wrist? You probably never strained it like I did. If I got a dollar for everyone who said something like you I could buy myself a new PC.

      More seriously though, if you can’t acknowledge not everyone is the same, you should really go back to school and biology class. FBT can even make up excuses, and you can’t say anything about it.

      1. Here we also have the stereotypical “my ass hurts” post as well. It happens when butthurt people get angry for a legitimate complaint. I’m sure you’re a fan of all the series that get postponed for years because of the “my wrist hurts” excuse actually seems valid to you. But please go ahead and continue to stick larger anal beads up your ass and comment back.

  3. Respected Translator n Editor …FBT n LtS May i know the schedule of release actually, is it 4 chapters / week, that released at one particular day only?
    Multiple chapter / 3 days?

    Thanks for the hardwork in translating n all..


  4. flowerbridgetoo pls stop making a promise you cant keep. I dont really want to complain, cause your work is great, but keeping telling that the releases will continue without the determination to do so… Thats really inappropriate. If you dont feel like translating this, pls drop the novel so someone else can continue the translation.

    No offences meant, but reconsider your opinion on this novel

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