MGA Release ~ Chapters 964–967

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Somehow amidst all distractions I still managed to get four chapters done! Edited by Littleshanks, enjoy~

Chapters will probably take a while to load, but they are out.

12 thoughts on “MGA Release ~ Chapters 964–967” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I wish you wouldn’t leave it on a cliffhanger for 4 days….
    And you keep telling us you’re gonna release 3 chapters a day, and you do it for 2 days in a row then go MIA for a week.

    1. 1)
      When he misses days he reimburses the chapters in the next release.
      He is doing it mostly as a volunteer. Just be grateful for the chapters. He works really hard to translate them. You know, he has a life besides translating. So every chapter he does is already amazing of him. I doubt you could give yourself as wholeheartedly as him.

      1. how about 5 days later? I don’t really mind that he’s taking a break because I’d be too lazy to do this myself. I just hate refreshing wuxiaworld a million times to see if there’s an update. Is there a subscribe function to this site? That would be helpful. Also, Shanks I made this account just to say I love what you do and hopefully your OK. Normally you would update at least to say what’s happening.

        1. Actually I truly admire Shanks diligence, especially when he prefers to post few chapters at a time. I even want to donate for his hard work, but somehow I can’t find where I can donate him…

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