MGA Release ~ Chapters 950–953

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Skipped a day to rest my hands (and to read whilst resting said hands). Thought I could finish more today but my mind didn’t want to translate c.c

I’ll spend all day tomorrow/today translating though, see if I get some more done. Hopefully. Edited by Littleshanks, enjoy~

8 thoughts on “MGA Release ~ Chapters 950–953” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. The mistake in 949 “He discovered after submitting to Chu Feng…” that you said you fixed is still the same, you didn’t save the change apparently :c

    Thanks for the chapters!

    1. Ah, bleh. I did the change directly on wordpress, then because I was applying edits from google docs, I completely overwrote everything I had before, including the change. I reworded it now again to avoid the vagueness. Thanks for the reminder!

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