MGA Release ~ Chapters 942, 943

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Chapters might take a bit to load. I had planned for three chapters, but distractions and delays made it two. The third one will come tomorrow with tomorrow’s 3-chap release. Anyhow, edited by Littleshanks, enjoy~

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  1. Dayum, I still think those consistent releases are a dream. Well, one of ’em, because today I literally dreamt that you made a tsunami to 1032 and said you will release 6/day until you reach 1200 and something. My life must be really shitty according to my subconciousness to dream about FBT releasing MGA… It was so realistic I remember whole dream as if it wasn’t a dream. Then I woke up and saw “only” 3 chapters :'(

    tl;dr Thanks for the chapter FBT, LittleShanks!

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