MGA Release ~ Chapters 888–900

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I planned on doing the typical eight, but then I spotted a perfect chapter to end the release on, so aimed for twelve, but then I finished the supposed-to-be teaser, so it became thirteen! More the merrier, horrah! Also, 900 chapters! Woo~ Edited by Littleshanks, enjoy! The teaser will take a few moments to update.

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  1. “I spotted a perfect chapter to end the release on”
    “I finished the supposed-to-be teaser”

    FBT. I just want to say, both of those sentences above just prove how heartless you are. It proves that you just look for cliffhanger so we hang on a mere thread just waiting for death by falling from the cliff. It’s evil. Why the fudge do I love you so much for it I don’t know. Thanks for the chapter FlowerBridgeToo, thanks LittleShanks, and thank you for being transpar…. shamelessly honest about it. 😀

    PS. It’s cute you wanted such a huge cliff for us that chapter already ended. I haven’t seen famous 90% chapter teasers since Toad King when Chu Feng was still in Profound Realm.

      1. If it was like that 901 would be finished, as he “finished supposed-to-be-teaser”. It means 900 was a teaser that he finished and posted. 899 was probably a good cliff, unfortunately I don’t have time to read it. 😛

  2. you guys are awesome – i bet your cultivation has risen once again after meditating on this bundle of chapters you guys are probably martial emperors by now !! – congratulations for hitting 900 translated chapters keep up the good work we truly appreciate your works

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