MGA Release ~ Chapters 816–825

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Hello~ A few delays for this release, but all chapters are accounted for! Here, three days’ worth of chapters (9) and an extra ’cause why not! Edited by Littleshanks, enjoy~

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  1. You know what, FBT? *sighs* I seriously miss your tsunami wave/s. That was 30 or 40 chapters in one go, right? That was seriously amazing.

    P.S. Thank you very much for the chapters.

        1. Nvm i know what inb4 means, the joke is a reply to that by UV’s count there is only 1 chapter here and lord fifth cant count more than 9 and anything bigger than 9 is 9

  2. I think you’re one of the best translators (if not the best translator) on this site. Your dedication to the story and to the readers is above the Godly norm. Your actions forces me to donate. It’s just impossible not to.

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