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  1. Ugh, rape, a staple of chinese novels, and always unpleasant whenever it happens. I’m fine with accidental rape (I’ll read it and I can get over it quickly), but rape as a punishment is something I don’t want to read.

    1. They tried to kill him more than once. They tortured him viciously and cruelly, again, more than once. There’s nothing in this world that he could do to them that would unjustified or uncalled for. Is attempted murder and torture in any way less vile than rape? Or do you not remember when Ya Fei tried to kill by having him be EATEN ALIVE by bugs? I repeat, anything and everything he does to them is well within his right, because no matter what he does it would not be any worse then what they did to him, again, more than once.

    2. I agree with you that the act of rape is very very unpleasant whenever it happens. In fact, just reading it makes my heart bleed, so I tend to kinda just skip it. But I also agree with bleedingsilverrose in that in this case, it is kind of justified. Ya Fei and Murong Wan put Chu Feng in extreme torture, even more so by Ya Fei. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Chu Feng merely returned the favor, in fact at first he was reluctant to do it when suggested by Eggy.

  2. rape as a form of punishment is something i could stomach from the villain but the MC who you are supposed to like does something like this is just disgusting for me. Its too bad but this crossed my bottom line and I will now be dropping this series. I also cannot in good conscience recommend this series to other people because it promotes behavior that in modern times I abhor and fight against. Those who choose to keep reading power to you and may you enjoy this type of novel.

      1. I agree with you that rape is just horrible and disgusting especially to women. However, I feel that you guys misunderstood the type of person Chu Feng is. Please know that the of MC of this story is not at all an all kind, forgiving, and selfless person. Chu Feng is very selfish and ambitious. If a person treats him kindly, he will repay back in folds. Towards those he love, he is willing to slaughter the world for them. But to those who are his enemies or harbors ill will towards his lovers or friends, he will show them no mercy whatsoever and will chase them till the end world and torture or kill them.

        If you believe that rape is worse than both torture and mutilation together than that is purely your subjective opinion. And if you drop this story because of it, i don’t blame you because I skip all those rape scenes as well. In fact, I recommend you all to read ISSTH or DE since there’s no rape scenes there, and the MCs in both stories are bada** XD

    1. I find your opinion very hypocritical and very nonsensical. It is okay for for the antagonists to commit completely violent, repulsive and detestable acts to a person. But when the victim gets revenge equally against them it’s wholly inexcusable just because they happened to me the main character. That’s just completely idiotic logic and arbitrary. I mean…goddamn…took you 796 chapters to realize that this is not a Disney fairy tale.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Chu Feng did this type of punishment before with the Blood Sea Monster. He took her first time and cause her appearance to change (can’t remember her name). So after that, they still keep on reading MGA and decided to drop it after these chapters? Funny.

        1. Yep, root reason why I find these reactions laughable before their reasoning. Common sense ‘if something offends you, don’t read it.’ That’s one thing but then they go on to attempt to shame the site and other readers, makes me wonder if these people are kids who shouldn’t be reading this kind of content in the first place.

          1. Totally agree, common sense.. rape is not acceptable in anyway or reason in real life. But MGA is not real life, anything can happen, expect the unexpected, that’s what makes a good story.

  3. Tesslerb , i understand were your coming from ( and argee btw) , but this about the 2nd or 3rd time now its happened and you’ve read it up until now
    i do think the writer needs to rethink this idea as a whole

  4. Very smart to release 4 ch out at the same time just to soften the extreme disappointment just a tiny bit. the content were (rape) tsk very smart guys very smart…. but its not enough should had released 15 chapters in a row because this rape just leave a bad taste and impression of the story so I won’t have any hope for this story.
    BUT thank God this site has ISSTH, WDQK, DE, HJC, SOTR, PW, otherwise i might of dropped this website as a whole but in the future if you have a chance to remove MGA from this site and give it to another do it because this story is filthy disgusting and it’ll only bring down your website.

    1. if you don’t like MGA just stop reading, don’t go saying that this website should remove MGA because there are a lots of people who love this novel including me, yes there is rape but so what ? you think that in real life rape doens’t exist ? i’m not saying that rape is ok, but the universe of MGA isn’t real so stop crying

  5. I’ve seen some truly idiotic and hypocritical comments here. Among some it’s the ridiculous notion that men being raped is OK but women–who are completely evil c***s btw–being raped after torturing and attempting to kill Chu Feng repeatedly is unacceptable. Just a bunch of irredeemable hypocrites. If you’re going to drop this novel then hurry up and do it, and good riddance.

  6. Why is rape worse than murder and mutilation? Why are people so defensive when it comes to rape but not murder, torture and mutilation?

    Ya Fei mutilated Chu Feng, no one bats an eye.

    Chu Feng raped Ya Fei, everyone loses their mind.

    As a male or even if I’m a female, I found this mindset totally ridiculous.

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