MGA Release ~ Chapters 772–775

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Hello all, terribly sorry for such a late release. Been feeling kinda “off” these days, unable to catch the drive to translate. Probably not eating well or somethin’ (or maybe I should get off my lazy bum and run around somewhere). My sleeping schedule feels completely switched for some odd reason, so . . . bleh. Maybe I’m just getting sloth-like >.>

Anyways, won’t keep you here with my ramblings. As usual, edited by Littleshanks, enjoy the read~

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  1. My mum is a doctor, she ALWAYS, till I’m sick to my teeth says “humans are animals, you need to look after the animal too(with walks/exercise) not just the brain” and it pisses me off but she’s right, try to schedule 40-50 minutes of exercise, it doesn’t have to be hardcore, walking to the shops and hauling ass back with bags will do, but it helps, if you do that most days or a little less every day, you do end up feeling more human, thanks

  2. Thank you so much for these chapters. Taking a break for a walk even just around the block can help. Everyone needs to take some time for themselves every so often. Take care as we would hate anything to happen to you who brings this great story to us.

  3. I had the similar symptoms. Turns out I had Iron defficiency. I just got a multi-vitamin with Iron in it and did light exercise. Feel much more motivated.

  4. Dude your sleep is absolutely a priority. Take it from someone who goes to the doctor for ACTUAL insomnia. Please get your sleep and feel better. We all appreciate any all translation you do!

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