MGA Release ~ Chapters 745, 746, 747

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Three chapters only today ’cause I’m lazy. cough

The remaining one will come tomorrow with tomorrow’s as well, or so I plan.

Edited by LittleShanks, have fun!

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  1. Finally managed to make an account. Thank you for the chapters, I love how you release them in groups. I wanted to donate some money, but couldn’t find any sort of link? If there really isn’t any, youre the first translator/editor/group I’ve seen with consistent updating that hasn’t pushed for donations or a sponsored chapter feature. If that’s the case, I’m blown away by the generosity shown by putting in all this hard work, then giving it away for free. If you do have some way for me to donate, please let me know in the reply. Thank you so much for the hours of entertainment I’ve gained from this story so far.

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